Role of Pastel Color in Boosting Your Video Marketing – Check Out!

The human brain is an increasingly complex structure. For a long, color cognitive abilities were linked to neural functioning. But, are these claims backed by any merit whatsoever? In the last couple of decades, scientific research has corroborated how the color cognitive and light sensitivity relays messages to the brain. 

This is why specific colors seem to trigger specific areas of the brain, thereby causing moods and reactions to differ. Be that as it may, color has become an important part of the branding and marketing world. This is because consumers are becoming increasingly conscious of a brand’s presence, in which color plays a major role. 

As we look at evolving strategies to reach potential customers, color plays an equally significant role in deciding the outcome. Video Marketing, which has been at the forefront of such trends, continues to be affected by the choice of colors. This is because using the right colors, backgrounds, and themes, one can either build prospects or dissuade them.

Our brain’s cognitive association with specific colors are important in linking marketing material with its target audience. If you examine closely, the color palette used in the advertising industry for your products would be similar. Why is that so? That’s because these colors have been found to be associated with the audience’s expectations vis-à-vis the brands in the industry. 

Choosing the right colors for your marketing and advertising needs stems from aesthetic and scientific findings. So, to establish the right colors for a video marketing campaign, the following needs to be explored pertinently.

What Do You Mean By Pastel Colors?

Pastel colors are pale colors that have a significantly high luminance factor and really low color intensity. Whenever a higher degree of light is exposed to any color on the color palette, pastel color can be created.

Why Are Pastel Colors Used?

Pastel colors are deemed as extremely soothing to the eyes. This is why psychologists who pursue color psychology tend to associate pastel shades with softer and more tender emotions. A high degree of luminance makes pastels look extremely lightweight and subtly pleasing to view.

How Do Pastel Shades Affect Video Marketing Campaigns?

Color Psychology is the primary area that determines the correlation between cognitive behavior and color sensitivity. However, it is not all about evoking a specific emotional response. 

It is about meeting the expectations of your customers concerning specific products, brands, or services. It is important to understand that primarily our expectations stem from our biological programming. This is specifically important when formulating a specific strategy for video marketing.

1. Strengthen the Message

Strategic use of pastel shades can strengthen the message that your video communicates with the prospective audience. This is because the video with the right color palette is able to relay the message across in the right context. Your brand personality is important. 

This is the reason that the color palette of your marketing strategy must be consistent with that personality. Since colors resonate with an emotional state, the right shade complements the message and represents the value identity.

2. Highlight a Context

Your brand voice is highlighted with the usage of the right scheme. Before sending a video conveying a particular intent, the prospect needs to realize the context of the message. 

A pastel shade helps to convince the customer by highlighting a particular context from which the meaning can be inferred better. For example, a call to action video message asking the viewer to subscribe uses a red shad to attract action. 

However, a message that has a milder prospect such as Add to cart or let’s talk has a milder shade of green pastel. This is so because Red highlights immediate action, whereas green is considered as a mild and gentle imploration.

3. Warm-up Emotional Response

Using and influencing the optical cognitive senses, pastel shades help to warm up the video messages’ responses. Since pastel shades have a calming effect, the audience becomes more receptive and open to the video messages. 

Brands need to understand and speak the minds of their prospects. With the help of color psychology, brands are better equipped to covey and ultimately convince the prospect of their business idea. 

The right color scheme puts across the message clearly and strongly. Therefore, brands must be wary of keeping a tab on the color scheme that best compliments the content of the video.

4. Augments Recognition

If you see a blue domain color, are you instantly reminded of a brand? This is so because brands utilize signature colors to make sure that they are distinct and unique. The Facebook ad template helps you to design ads specifically and distinctly for a particular audience. The distinctive blue color of the Facebook domain symbolizes calmness and tranquillity. This color is also frequently associated with peace, stability, and responsibility. These are characteristic traits that Facebook seeks to emulate, and hence the choice of color is according to that.

5. Enable a Connection

The reason why color makes us react the way we do is that it has an intrinsic connection on a deeper personal level. These personal experiences give rise to specific feelings. Therefore, colors are deeply entrenched in the psychological levels of us humans. Research suggests that personal experiences, backgrounds, cultural differences, etc. are amplified through specific colors. 

This makes a vivid marketing channel such as video marketing extremely reliant on using the right colors. The correct pastel shades influence brand recognition and help to establish a deeper connection with the prospect. Conversely, colors trigger distinctive cognitive abilities and help identify the brand’s ideals and ethos in the mind of the consumer.

The Bottom Line

Picking the right color can seem like a child’s play. However, random hasty selection can prove to be detrimental to your brand’s recognition. The right color not only enhances your brand’s personality but also makes it distinctive and easily recognizable. Thus, color psychology helps to identify which pastel shade will affect the consumer’s mind and how the consumer will perceive the brand.

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